Delivering transparency
to your portfolio

We combine robust Alternatives technology with superior usability and design elements to help Family Offices and other Private Investors make better Finance, Investment, and Management decisions.

Faster and More Efficient
Investment / Management Decisions

Custom solutions for the family office market. ClearServe’s multi-manager portfolio accounting, analytics, and reporting solutions have been engineered with the support and feedback of our trusted partners.

  • Comprehensive
    Data Aggregation

    ClearServe’s Normalization Engine efficiently handles and aggregates information across a variety of disparate data sources (e.g. statements, Excel/CSV files, datafeeds, etc.)

  • Robust Multi-Asset Class Accounting Engine

    ClearServe’s Alternatives Tracking SystemTM handles difficult asset classes (e.g. Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate)

  • Analytics and Seamless Report Generation

    Bespoke investor-level statements. Flexible performance, exposure, attribution views and “one-click” customized reporting

Platform Normalization Engine

Powered by our Alternatives Tracking SystemTM, ClearServe's normalization engine enables family offices and alternative asset investors to efficiently aggregate disparate data sources and to normalize them into a usable and robust portfolio and partnership accounting, analytics, and reporting system. An end-to-end solution from operations / back-office to front-office has never been so easy to manage.

  • Disparate data sources (e.g. datafeeds, Excel/PDF statements from Hedge Funds, Real Estate, and Private Equity).

  • Our normalization engine prepares these data sources for analysis.

  • The aggregated data is then visualized in robust and dynamic charts, graphs, and other easy-to-read formats.

The User Experience Imperative

We firmly believe there is a user experience imperative and it is a critical driver of how we approach building and providing technology solutions for our clients every day.

  • Unlocking Transparency

  • Intuitive Design

Family offices and other Private Investors require better tools and infrastructure to visualize, validate, and analyze their data. Portfolios are becoming increasingly complex, and existing legacy tools have sub-optimal performance for tracking increased alternative asset class allocations. Family office professionals demand sophisticated, yet intuitive and usable software tools to take control of their data.

Our Technology

  • Stable

  • Fast

  • Secure

At ClearServe, we understand that security and data privacy are of utmost importance to our clients. We have invested significant resources into architecting, building, and continuously testing the integrity of our systems, security protocols, and procedures. Our team has leveraged their considerable experience building world-class systems for institutional financial services firms as well as alternative technologies systems for global fund-of-funds and fund administrators.